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Cervical playing is the insertion of objects into the uterine neck or around this. Many women like to feel the uterine stimulation by touching or rubbing it on the outside or by inserting the finger or some object in the entrance area, maybe 2 or 3 cms. Uterus penetration is the insertion of dildos, sounding or objects deeply into womb and it is considered to be an advanced sexual technique painful and very dangerous.

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Cervical orgasm with japanese sounds and masturbating fingering. Real dildo in cervix, fucking with objects, brush handle and metal probes to conect a german to unit electric stimulation.

Period sex video with gaping cervix and uterine prolapse with the best menstruation blood porn period videos. The most relevant movies about gyno speculum, examination as medical clinic, artificial insemination sex, playing with objects and other vaginal fetish.

Artificial insemination porn is a great fantasy fetish for many people and this consists of the injection of semen into the uterus. To do this is used a speculum to keep the pussy open. At other times a tube is used that produces what in this fetish is called uterine prolapse sex. In this way, you have access to the cervical inlet by which a cannula is usually inserted into a syringe full of semen that is then injected into the womb. Sometimes after filling of semen the uterine cavity, the entrance is blocked so that the semen stays inside while masturbating rubbing the clitoris or using a vibrator. However, no one should be trying to insert anything into the womb. It would hurt a lot because the canal is very sensitive, full of nerve endings and with a skin too thin. The damage caused by the insertion of unsterilized foreign objects can become very serious for the health. This includes rubbing with the fingers or the practice of fisting which can also lead to mucosal damage or to unwanted infections and diseases.

Uterus penetration is a BDSM practice of masturbation or fucking known like cervix torture, sometimes using a speculum to open wide the cunt and next open neck cervical with speculum, metal probes, objects, catheter to inflate the womb or stinging nettles. Videos of womb penetration with uterine prolapse porn. Extreme xxx videos for all people like this amazing fetish.

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