Cervix Inflation with Injection and Bladder among Japanese Lesbians

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Lesbian milf have fun inflating the uterus with injection of fluid inserted by the cervix, fucking play urethra and filling the bladder. Inflation uterus expansion with injection of fluid. Uncensured bizarre sex porn video of cervix play with 2 fingers stretching, fucking with long glass dildo, penetration with potato peeler, cleaning brush handle and then cervix insertion with metal medical probe. She has a tube inserted that allows her to keep her vagina open while playing with her cervix so you can observe all the hot scenes in detail.
In addition, the other lesbian wants to try the same thing but in her bladder so you will enjoy scenes of peeing, filling the bladder with the injection of 7 cl of green liquid contained in a syringe, squirting, peehole fucking with glass dildo with balls, fingers in urethra while with the other hand she opens her pussy so that you can appreciate the open holes, screwdriver handle, cleaning brush and much more. Watch liquid uterus inflation video with expansion and dilation to the maximum.

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Masturbates her cervix with a thick toy full of ripples
Video with hot mature lesbians having fun inflating the uterus with liquid injection doing the most extreme sex games. Kinky lesbians have fun and achieve squirting orgasms with the insertion of the handle of a cleaning brush into the cervix, which is even able to rotate it once inside the uterus. In addition, she fucks the cervix with a potato peeler, stretch with 2 fingers and a long glass dildo. Cervixpenetration is the best website page to watch cervix penetration videos uncensored with japanese mature mom fucking and showing inflated cervix with inyection of liquid.
Cocktail sticks used to keep the cervix stretched
These lesbians wanted to try inflating the uterus of one and the bladder of the other with fluid. To do this, they used a huge syringe filled with a green fluid which carries a tube and the other end inserts it into the cervix. She then injects all the fluid to inflate the uterus. Even the remaining fluid that remains in the tube is blown with her mouth by the other woman until it is empty and all the fluid enters the uterus inflating it to the maximum with such force that it penetrates all the ducts to the fallopian tubes and ovaries, so the sensation must be tremendous. She inflates the uterus so much that the fluid begins to overflow and at that point she penetrates the cervix with a metal probe pushing the fluid further into the uterus while also squirting out. Similarly, the other lesbian, once the syringe is loaded with the green liquid, inserts the end of the tube into the urethra until it reaches the bladder and then begins to fill the bladder until it is inflated with the injection.
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